A dynamic 
software powerhouse

A dynamic software powerhouse

We develop world-class software that solves unique challenges quickly and efficiently. Our solutions help businesses streamline their operations, become more cost-effective, explore new revenue streams and nurture growth.
How we do it

An end-to-end approach to software development

One of the main reasons why we’re the go-to partner for start-ups and tech companies is our versatile, open-minded approach to software development.

Agile Pair Programming

Our design philosophy is what makes us so successful. We use agile pair programming to build systems that make a difference. This groundbreaking method involves two developers working in tandem with one another on the same piece of code, simultaneously. Our developers forge close links with our customers and deliver bespoke, adaptable solutions that improve efficiency and get delivered on time.


With two developers working simultaneously on the task we are simply able to write much more code and achieve faster project turnaround.


By working in pairs and continually overseeing each other’s work we achieve higher quality, more thought out and error free code.


For higher efficiency, our developers also assume the roles of analysts, project managers and QA staff, not just coding predefined tasks but working directly with customers to propose a best tailored solution for every unique requirement.


Onboarding new team members is fast and the critical know-how stays in the project should anything happen to one of the developers.

We know your business

We work fast

If time is of the essence and you need a quick, effective solution, we have the expertise and resources to start work within a day.

We're experienced

We make it our business to understand the unique requirements of the sectors we work with meaning quick onboarding.

We love a challenge

We can handle anything you throw at us, and deliver tangible results at the end of it.
Crypto & Blockchain
Loan applications
CRM & Billing
Self-service portals

Recent work

Global Customs Integration

Discover how Progmatic revolutionized customs integration process for a leading customs platform, transforming challenges into streamlined global operations.
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Transforming Kuehne+Nagel's Logistics Software

Discover how Progmatic seamlessly upgraded Kuehne+Nagel's groundbreaking logistics systems for enhanced global operations.
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A pioneering authentication and signing

Learn how we developed a scalable, highly secure digital authentication and signing solution for use by governments and private sector organisations worldwide.

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Innovative topup solution for Inpay cards

A top up system using PSD2 for Inbank, with a quick turnaround, that launched the region's first cashback credit card - Inpay.
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Certified COVID testing at home

Find out how we have helped to combat the corona crisis, helping a startup called Certific make medical diagnostics faster.
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  • Telia
    "I'm blown away! A must-have for anyone doing any kind of work on the web."
    John Doe
  • "I'm blown away! A must-have for anyone doing any kind of work on the web."
    John Doe
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