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Discover how Progmatic seamlessly upgraded Kuehne+Nagel's groundbreaking logistics systems for enhanced global operations.

About Kuehne+Nagel

Kuehne+Nagel, as one of the world's leading logistics companies, offers a broad spectrum of services to its clients, encompassing various freight types from sea to air, supported by a comprehensive ecosystem. The company is not content with merely functional systems; rather, it is committed to continually enhancing their services to be future-proof and user-friendly. Kuehne+Nagel's road logistics service is renowned for being the world's largest ground logistics management application, showcasing the company's significant global reach and operational scale.

The challenge

Given its extensive history, Kuehne+Nagel faced the need to update several of its software services to meet contemporary standards of modularity, scalability, and maintainability. For a company where reliability and performance are non-negotiable, these upgrades had to be executed without affecting response times or causing downtime.

With their Road logistics being among the most trafficked globally, any modifications had significant implications for numerous logistics operators worldwide. Furthermore, such comprehensive updates necessitated a reorganization of the IT staff, ensuring a balanced distribution of responsibilities and maintaining operational integrity.

Our approach

Progmatic was tasked with implementing significant transitions for Kuehne+Nagel's road logistics service and a client management environment. Two dedicated teams, each with up to six developers, were deployed for these projects. Each developer in these teams took on multiple roles such as IT analysts, QA engineers, architects, DevOps team leads, not to mention senior software engineers.

Together with the client, it was decided to deploy a microservices architecture with well proven architectures inside the services and various communication protocols between them. This meant splitting the existing monolithic services and also updating them with modern internal technologies.

The outcomes

With Progmatic's support, Kuehne+Nagel has significantly modernized its software services, enhancing the capability to flexibly onboard clients with diverse requirements. This upgrade was accomplished with minimal downtime and no disruption to the user experience.

Progmatic played a key role in designing and implementing the new architectural framework, while our developers diligently ensured that there was no compromise on performance.

Additionally, Progmatic’s developers navigated the changes in software teams organization and helped successfully set up communication protocols according to the agile methodology in the new teams.

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