Innovative topup solution for Inpay cards


A top up system using PSD2 for Inbank, with a quick turnaround, that launched the region's first cashback credit card - Inpay.

About Inbank

Inbank is a modern bank with Estonian roots, who provide consumer financing and depositing products. The company’s bonds are listed on Tallinn Stock Exchange, and the bank has close to 700,000 active clients across four different countries. Inbank helps their partners increase their revenue by simplifying the purchasing process and making finance more accessible to their customers.

The challenge

Inbank was about to launch the region's first cashback credit card, but its in-house team hadn’t yet created the solution.

They needed external help that would implement a topup function quickly, and without too much supervision required. Inbank had already selected a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) who would facilitate the topup sums, and asked us to develop a solution that would enable seamless communication between the credit card’s mobile app, the PISP and the core banking system.

Our approach

We approached the task using the Lean MVP principle, and found a solution that was highly functional and quick to implement.

We started with building the PSD2 interface, then we moved onto the core banking system interface. After resolving some technical issues surrounding the PISP, the project was completed on time, and under budget.

The outcomes

Upon completion, we delivered an API for the mobile app and core banking system that the customer uses to top up their credit card, by transferring money to their Inbank account.

All critical features were completed on time, allowing Inbank to become an instant market leader in credit card topup solutions that saved time and reduced costs for both the customer, and the bank.

We always get a buzz from working with emerging technologies. Plain and simple.

At the time, PSD2 was still an emerging technology. No PISP was able to provide the required interface to Baltic banking systems. Progmatic’s expertise and guidance was key to the resounding success of the product launch.

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