Certified COVID testing at home


Find out how we have helped to combat the corona crisis, helping a startup called Certific make medical diagnostics faster.

About Certific

Certific is a telemedicine startup that is building a remote diagnostics infrastructure for giving superpowers to patients and make at-home medical diagnostics faster, more affordable and more convenient. It was founded by innovation consultant Liis Narusk, Physician and Medical Technologist Dr Jack Kreindler and Taavet Hinrikus - one of the first employees of Skype and co-founder of the global money transfer company, Wise.

To start moving towards that goal, Certific’s founding principle was to create an online certification process that facilitated independent testing for COVID-19, verified by medically trained personnel.

The challenge

As the global health situation changed rapidly throughout the pandemic, our main challenge was to get a working product out as fast as possible.

Progmatic was invited onboard with six developers, making up half of the entire development team. Facilitated by our ‘pair programming’ approach, our onboarding process was exceptionally fast and extraordinarily thorough.

The core team at Certific lacked manpower and time. As a result, Progmatic’s development team played a major role in delivering the software in terms of testing, support, and continuous development.

We kept our customer informed every step of the way, and made sure that our team was doing as much as they could to mitigate what was often an adverse developmental environment, due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic.

Our approach

First, we helped to get the embryonic startup running, then we focused on launching a functioning service, before adapting the solution according to changing conditions on the ground.

Upon completion, we delivered a mobile app that enables self-testing at home paired with a back-end dashboard for verifying the patient’s ID, testkit, sample collection procedure and issuing a certificate.

The outcomes

The solution was launched on time and was quickly updated to reflect the changing situation on the ground.

- Less than a month after we joined the team, the initial product was launched.
- Two months later, the software was used at a multi-day festival in the UK, with 15,000 visitors, and was a resounding success.
- One and a half months later, a PCR test certification service was added to the product.
- Since it’s launch Certific has been used by over 100 000 satisfied customers to get a travel certificate or attend an event.

Since launch, it now takes far less time to review COVID-19 tests, which translates to lower labour costs, increased competitiveness and vastly improved certification times that are up to five times faster than before.

The journey doesn’t end here. This piece of software will be of great benefit to any government or organisation featuring a similar health crisis or labs, testing providers and clinical trial companies who want to offer a seamless experience for their patients and radically increase efficiency.

All-in-all, it has been an extremely rewarding experience. Progmatic has helped to fight a major global health problem. It has been both exciting and fulfilling to help create a startup that is able to play a part in combating such a grave threat to our society.

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