Global Customs Integration


Discover how Progmatic revolutionized customs integration process for a leading customs platform, transforming challenges into streamlined global operations.

About the client

Our client was a leading provider of automated customs declaration processes with operations in major regions including the EU, UK, USA, UAE, and parts of Asia, offering comprehensive services like HS Code Allocation, Duty & Tax Calculation, and Restrictions Screening, facilitating seamless customs clearance for businesses.

The challenge

The client’s expansion necessitated rapid integration with various EU customs systems, each with its unique technological landscape.

Initially, Progmatic focused on integrating with the Netherlands Customs, which still relied on EDIFACT (an older and complex system for electronic data interchange) and developing the customs import clearance process system.

As the business needs evolved, so did the challenges. Progmatic was tasked with developing transit and export customs clearance flows and a tax calculation system, accommodating the increasing number of countries' customs systems requiring integration.

Our approach

Progmatic employed an extreme programming methodology, working in pairs for rapid response and adaptability. The team size varied from 4 to 10 developers, allowing for flexibility and efficient scaling in response to the client’s growing needs.

This approach enabled swift software delivery, crucial for the ongoing validation of their business use cases.

The outcomes

Progmatic successfully delivered multiple systems that enhanced the client’s operational efficiency:

1. Systems for managing import, export, and transit customs clearance flows.
2. An application for seamless communication with national customs systems.
3. A sophisticated national tax calculation service provided to e-commerce companies via API.

This collaboration not only streamlined the customs processes for the client but also significantly contributed to their global market presence and operational effectiveness.

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