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Empowered developers take control of whole software production and deliver great results. Come join the ranks of experienced craftsmen

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How we work

We are doing real agile software development and doing it using pair programming. We work without testers, analysts and project managers, so the pair takes care of all aspects and is responsible for it. We communicate directly with the customer and demo completed work each week. In cooperation with customer we find solutions, deliver and deploy to production.


  • A mentoring experience unlike any other - pair programming. You will learn best practices and get an insight into the working mind of an experienced craftsman. There is much to learn and you will get to practice right away.
  • A ready made craftsman will get to mentor others and will have full authority to challenge their skillset against delivering a project with flying colors.
  • A change of scenery for everyday office time. As a software development service provider we have very different projects and you get to vote your project.
  • Forget routine! You won’t believe how much you’ll learn from programming in different pairs for different projects.
  • Weekly technology exchange between projects so new ideas and ways doing things catch on.


  • Full stack experience / wish to learn
  • Knowing Java and JavaScript, other technologies are bonuses.