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Learn how we developed a scalable, highly secure digital authentication and signing solution for use by governments and private sector organisations worldwide.

About Levercode

Levercode are a company that helps governments and companies to execute digital transformation. Their newest product - LeverID - complements their existing e-governance and e-health solutions, and puts them on track to become a leading authority in personal authentication and digital signing solutions.

The challenge

80% of the world’s encryption is based on the decades old RSA encryption system.

Keys for RSA algorithms are generated by choosing two distinct prime numbers and multiplying them. This is easy to calculate at the start of the algorithm, but it is very difficult to calculate the function in reverse without the use of quantum computing technology.

LeverID adopts a fundamentally different approach to data encryption, with the ability to support robust future-proof quantum cryptography solutions.

Levercode’s vision is to become a leading brand for identity authentication and digital signing, but this is no easy task. The main barrier towards delivering the LeverID software on a global scale was the lack of ID card infrastructure.

Our approach

Progmatic developed the whole LeverID system from scratch, fulfilling all the various developmental roles from analysis to application implementation and testing.

The size of the team varied from 2 to 8 developers. We avoided role separation where possible, and encouraged all members of the project to participate in programming, analysis and testing.

With the LeverID solution, we started from scratch. First, we received a cryptographic solution from computer scientists at TalTech university then we created a demo, before progressing onto a working prototype that was demonstrated before global leaders in the UAE. The last phase was to make the system publicly available through a sign-up portal.

The outcomes

To build LeverID, we used an innovative signing algorithm (Edwards) that enabled smaller keys and signatures, and allowed for a more scalable solution. The implementation of the bespoke cryptographic solution required a custom program for HSM, which was an extremely challenging task to overcome.

We aren’t aware of any other Estonian development company who achieved what we did working in partnership with Levercode - LeverID is truly one of a kind.

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